Eliza Pillars is a united group of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things.

-President Laverne Watts RN, MSN

Welcome to EPRNM!

Seventy four years ago six strong black female nurses saw the need to band themselves together in support of each other first and of other nurses of color. That single act has flourished to what is known today as The Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi. It has grown from six nurses to a state wide organization consisting of seven districts. I am blessed to serve as president to this group of high spirited and enthusiastic nurses.

Nursing is considered one of the most respected professions, and with good cause. Nurses realize that they will more often give more than they are given. They are prepared for the long grueling hours and lack of sleep. But at the end of the day they only want to know if they have helped someone and completed all assigned task. I urge anyone thinking of nursing not to judge the profession by the amount of blood you think you will see but the amount of heart that you will find yourself giving to others.


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Celebrating the achievements of Eliza Pillars members across the state of Mississippi.

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